Select Card for Edgerton

70-11 City of Edgerton Structure Fire with Hydrants
70-13 Entire District EMS
70-14 Entire District Brush Fire
70-15 Entire District Water Rescue
70-17 Entire District Technical Rescue (Identify The Natrue of Response)
70-18 IKI (High Water Flow) - Hydranted Area Target Hazards
70-19 Healthcare and Retirement Facilities (High Life Hazard) Target Hazards
70-22 Rural Area South (Fulton/Porter Townships) Structure Fire Non-Hydrant Areas
70-23 Interstate 39-90 (Town of Fulton) EMS
70-32 Rural Area NE(Albion/Dane #2 & Jefferson County) Structure Fire Non-Hydrant Areas
70-38 Oaklawn Academy Target Hazards Non-Hydrant Areas
70-42 Rural Area NW (Albion/Dane #1) Structure Fire Non-Hydrant Areas
70-43 Interstate 39-90 (Town of Albion) EMS
70-48 Coachman's Resort Target Hazards Non-Hydrant Areas

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