Select Card for Kansasville

500-02 Town of Dover Structure Fire Non-Hydrant (Tender)
500-03 Town of Dover & Brighton Life Safety (EMS)
500-04 Church Road South & Brighton Brush Fire
500-05 Town of Dover & Brighton Ice/Water Rescue
500-06 Town of Dover & Brighton Hazardous Materials
500-07 Town of Dover & Brighton Technical Rescue
500-08 Southern Wisconsin Center & Ellsworth Correctional, 21425 Spring Street (Hwy C) Target Hazard
500-09 Town of Dover & Brighton Disaster
500-12 Town of Brighton (20th St. north) Structure Fire Non-Hydrant (Tender)
500-13 Entire Area Large Area Search
500-14 Church Road North Brush Fire
500-18 Waste Management/Mercury Waste, 21211 Durand Avenue Target Hazard
500-23 Entire District Rescue Task Force
500-28 Lakeview Neurological Rehab. Hospital, 1701 Sharp Road Target Hazard